thanks for the response

really excellent stuff, very idiosyncratic and eccentric but also very listenable in a sort of hypnotic way…you never know whats gonna happen next, I reckon you could do some pretty good soundtracks to scary movies after listening to wargasms, really enjoyed the listen, cheers, Kevin

Very cinematic really like the vocal and guitar actually all parts…Different spooky and refreshing drums/kick sounds great also

Must give these more listens… Love the first one, it’s so imaginative, I don’t know how you do it! They both have great sound over here. Really good stuff.

thanks kevin. ya in the early days I use to have some vid hardware and software, it was great fun experimenting with that stuff and putting soundtracks. had alot more patience for rendering times back then, but it was brutal, like watching paint dry, lol. I miss it but all the stuff is so old now and making video just takes up too much time.

appreciate it kenny. the guitar in that 1st one is an old practice guitar I like to abuse. a mallet, steel slide and butter knife. lol

its all about having 2 chairs in the studio, one is just an ordinary office chair for songs, but the other, I call it my science chair, lol, lots of extra padding. really though, it comes from the early days of renting hardware from long and mcquades every weekend. and that early hardware was crude, I’d set it all up on the ping pong table, with no idea just start plugging wires in all directions, lol. alot of credit goes to miz on this project, he never once said “this is too weird” that gave me alot of freedom, and of course, hes a great talent and worked well with the stuff. that inturn influenced me to push things. way back, everyone had their fav rock bands that influenced them, but on the other side of the room was fripp and lauri anderson, seeing them gave me a completely different perspective, lauri was mezmerizing to watch!
that rock track still needs some adjustments, I’ll get to it later

Both great songs, Bob!

Thats one crazy padded chair you have! :laughing:
The first song is very creative, tis spooky indeed!
If someone was to come up behind me and tap me on the shoulder while I was mixing that
the world would fall out my backside! :laughing:

2nd song more my thing, excellent guitar work, your friend is a great guitar player, and you mixed him in well! :smiley:


looks pretty funny too, I have a mattress tied to it, lol

:laughing: almost happened to me. I started that track recording static from an old shortwave radio while tapping on my heavily effected guitar with a little wooden mallet. the static from that radio is way different than normal tuners, its weird. all the cb’s are shut down now so I know nothings there but the longer I listened to the static the more I thought something WAS there. my mind was playing tricks on me, I had to stop hittin the guitar a couple times to make sure I wasn’t hearing a hidden message. I swear if a voice were to jump out of that static at that moment, I’d have been toast :open_mouth: :laughing:

glad you like that one sav, we both like it, too. I got to chug on rhythm and he got to mini shred, everybody happy.
good to hear from you

Got a chance to listen to Pieces more thoroughly. Good mix, good sound, good chunk. Your guitar player is really good! Maybe doesn’t sound as metal-y as you want, I think it’s something about the drums, but I’m not really sure, no expert on metal. Going into the Bluebob library!

Well I think you got it right when you said “I went all unusual again” :smiley:
Both are very good listens and technically generally sound really good to me. I did however think the cymbals in Set Pieces were too soft and somewhat understated - perhaps that’s what Early was querying too ?

Maybe doesn’t sound as metal-y as you want, I think it’s something about the drums

I’m also not loving the sound of vocalist to be honest - maybe its just a voice that I’d need time to warm too? And I did also wonder about the choice of vocal FX used. Not a biggie though.

Otherwise great job! It’s interesting stuff for sure. :sunglasses:

thats all I really wanted, lol. thanks early, as for the type of rock, metal or whatever, I dunno, I just tried for a rock tune. listening back even though miz put a bit of a goth slant to the vocals, it might be more towards progressive rock, lol, but that might be a stretch too.
but hey, if it made it to the folder, I’m a happy camper

howdy sherz, always appreciate your listens and thoughts. yup, the voice is an enigma, even my friends are divided. but we’re finished now so its time to find new vocals out there, onward and sidewards :confused:

really appreciating that, lol I wonder what is all in that folder now.
hey early, I think you’ll like the new mix better

Once I realized that you take them down after a while, I started saving what you put up… there’s maybe 8 songs in the Bluebob folder!

I’ve been away for months and I return to this excellent piece.
Nice flow and I love the widescreen sound. The vocals work for me. Good stuff, Bob.

hey michael, long time no see, hope things are rollin along for ya. thanks for checkin me out, I’m quite happy with this song as is, glad you’re ok with the vocals, I know for some its an aquired taste.