I’m outta here. :unamused:

Hi Bob, don’t know anything about making videos, but enjoyed looking at the models for some reason or other. I’m afraid I’m not much help. Music was nice, though.

hey early, thanks for checkin it out. ya its not much of a video really, but I know those models take alot of skill and patience to render, I just tried to make them like paintings and give it a spacey slant. hes fairly popular on that deviantart site so its cool to have something there, hes happy with it. the music, well, for me it was nice for a change to not have to worry about how the vocal sat or whether the arrangement was this or that. just a feel that was fun to let flow out with the moogish lead.

Sounds and looks good to me. Not sure how much he will appreciate the bit of transparency you put on the models that shows the orange clouds through them, it does make the fine details hard to distinguish, which I guess is what the video is about.

The song is nice, soothing I suppose is the rigth word for it. I noticed some small drum timing issues on some fills, you may want to check those. Other than that nothing I’d be ashamed off, for what that’s worth :sunglasses:

really good job I reckon…Kevin

Nice job, though I think the acoustic is a tad too loud.

I like the art, BTW.


i think this song fits the vid pretty well, i liked it alot, i can see why your friend is popular with his job/hobby/whatever as they were visually pleasing