[Deleted. Resolved the problem]

Update: This post is attracting a lot of self-important users who feel they understand better than I do whether my original question would have helped the world figure out Dorico.

So, add your pointless critique below.

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What was the problem? Others might face a similar issue and your solution might help them.

I just appreciated that when @Ogdred123 deleted the post, the subject line was changed to “Deleted,” but @tbabcock123 has a point.

(Which means that a post marked “deleted” has now probably gotten more responses than some posts not so labeled. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Yup. Very basic internet etiqutte. If you solved your problem, let others know how you did it.
So if one e.g. searches the problem on Google and he ends up in this thread, he can get the solution.

Nope. Very basic internet etiquette is not piling in despite that you know nothing about what was at issue. 16 hours on the forum, and you’re already self-appointed gatekeeper. Congratulations.


Talk about self-important!


Sorry, I had learnt that it’s a bad habit to delete threads asking for solutions, because the goal is sharing, generally. Didn’t mean to offend no one.