Deleting 2nd and last midi lane just recorded suppresses the instrument output


In Cubase 13 Pro I just recorded an Halion multi instruments track using Iconica ensemble.
The second line being incomplete I deleted it, and after that impossible to play the track with its fisrt lane midi. The midi in fisrt lane does not reach Halion ???
I don’t remember having encountered this in previous versions of Cubase.
The only way I found to delete this incomplete 2nd lane is to select the comp tool and select the fisrt lane as the main lane, then delete the second lane ? Very heavy workflow to suppress an incomplete lane ?
Am I missing something ?

Edit on 18 feb
I also noticed that after a render in place of this track, I also loose the output and have to select comp mode then reselect the first lane to get back some sound.
Not fatal but annoying.


What kind of MIDI Record Mode did you use? Isn’t the MIDI Part muted (for example because of the Cycled MIDI Recording Stacked mode)?

Thank you for answer, I am not sure to understand your MIDI record mode question ?
I have a Korg Modwave Native instrument on this instrument track, I play it using NI Komplete S61 mk3 as midi source. I recorded 12 bars 4/4 using loop-stack mode (is it this) but I was not as fast as necessary to stop recording just after the first lane, and a 2nd lane has begin to be registered on less than one bar (and Cubase kept it).
I deleted this incomplete 2nd lane and then no sound on playback until I use the comp tool to select the first lane.
Do I made something wrong ?
Next I tried to render in place this Modwave midi track but finally deleted the new audio tracks created.
The original modwave instrument midi track was not muted, but again no sound until I triggered the comp tool and select again the first lane.


Yes, this is the Mode I was asking for. This mode mutes the previously recorded MIDI Part (to make sure, you hear only the currently recorded one).

So if you want to hear it after, you have to unmute the MIDI Part(s).

when you write Midi Part you refer to lane ?
The track is new and there are no lanes and parts before my midi recording.
So Cubase has muted the first lane when it begin registereing the second ? And when I deleted the incomplete 2nd lane it has not un muted the first and only lane ?

And I never un muted it by myself, simply selected the comp tool and clicked on 1st and only lane.
Easy to repro.

Very strange. Audio is not behaving as this, no lines are muted.


Refer to the object, which is called MIDI Part in Cubase. The MIDI/Instrument Tracks contain the MIDI Parts, which are containers of the MIDI data. MIDI Parts are the “blocks” in the track.

As the description in Cubase says for the Stacled Mode:

New parts are created in each cycle, but only the last one is played back (others are muted).

Inky the last one lane is not muted (as mentioned above). So if you want to hear any but the last lane, you have to unmute the given MIDI Part.

Comp tool is not the Mute tool. Use the Mute tool, or use the Shift + U Key Command.

You are right. Audio is working different way. Audio can play back only one lane. The other lanes are muted/unmuted automatically. But the MIDI/Instrument Tracks can playback multiple lanes at once, so you have to Mute/Unmute them manually.

Ok, thank you.
I am just a little disapointed by the fact that when I delete the second midi lane, the 1st and only one is not ‘un muted’. Not god for parano users waiting for sound :wink: .
Anyway thanks, I had less experience on recording only midi. My previous experience was based on recording audio (guitar) and midi (tripleplay on guitar) in a same cycle stack mode and was mainly focused on audio, midi was apparently following…
But it could explains problems I encountered when I tried to comp all the tracks positionned in a same folder (using the = and freq tools) , audio and midi, based on the audio parts. I noticed that sometime the comp request applied to audio were not following the one applied to audio. Could it be due to the fact that some midi lanes were muted ?