Deleting a bar


I’ve not understood ho to delete the last bar of my project. I’ve tried Write > Trim Flow but nothing happened (I’ve attached the project). Moreover it is not clear to me how to delete a bar in general, not just the last one. Can you please tell me how I must proceed?

What about a classical “rubber” tool specifically devoted to deleted objects and bars?

Pivot (293 KB)

If anything extends into a finale empty measure (often a dynamic symbol carried over form previous measures) it will prevent Trim Flow from working. It is possible to adjust such items (shorted hairpins, for example) to make sure they are clear of the final “empty” measure.

Quite possibly it is your key change that is causing the problem.

I’ve tried to delete it, but I still unable to delete the bar.
Moreover, I still think that a simple and direct (manipulation) way to delete bars (last one or not) should be provided.

First delete the System break on bar 16, then delete the redundant key signature, then do Trim Flow. Bars can otherwise be added or deleted by typing positive or negative values into the shift-B popover. You may want to uncheck “Only justify final system…” in Layout Options/Note Spacing…

Thank you for your tips: finally I was able to delete the bar.
That said, I still think that almost everything can be deleted just selecting it and pressing the DEL key. Not bars. This is something not coherent that will waste time in finding the right way. My opinion is that an improvement is needed.


Perfetc, thank you.