Deleting A Measure Moves the Score

Hi Dorico - if I delete a measure then it jumps to a random location in my score.

Any help?

Here’s a video to show what’s happening:

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That is quite odd…. I might have not been surprised if it jumped to the next rehearsal mark, but it jumps over many and always to 61. Weird.

Sorry, but what would the sequence type have to do with anything? And why wouldn’t you to set that globally to Bar Numbers, given you appear to want them to show actual bar numbers?

Unfortunately we can’t diagnose problems from pictures and videos. If you’d like to attach the project itself so that we can take a look at it and try it for ourselves, then please go ahead and do so.

(Also, it’s DO-rih-co, with the emphasis on the first syllable, rather than do-REE-co with the emphasis on the second one – more Italianate, less like the corn chip :wink: )


@pianoleo Not sure. The thinking was I wondered if I had sequenced measure 45 as rehearsal letter 70. So that by deleting measure 45 then Dorico would “see” measure 45 as measure 70 (or something like that). So the different sequence types seemed plausible, although it solved nothing. Basically, I tried dozens of possible solutions, all of which failed and left me scratching my head.

@dspreadbury attached. Also, got it - so instead of Do Re Mi it’s Do Ri Co.
dorico.dorico (750.3 KB)

delete a bar and jump to rehearsal mark bug

I can reproduce this issue.
Make new project > add instrument > add meter > add some bars > add some rehearsal marks > select subsequent bar > open Bar and Barline popover > enter “-1” > then Dorico jumps to a specific rehearsal mark (In my GIF, rehearsal mark D). I think it’s a bug.

As a quick fix, delete rehearsal mark 61 in your project once (In my GIF case , rehearsal mark D), and remake a rehearsal mark at the same point. Then, this bug will no longer exist, I think.

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