Deleting a unwanted bar at the end of a score?

Deleting a bar at the end of a score?

I understand that you can use “TRIM FLOW” and then you can also select the bar line that you want to remove the excess bar by using SHIFT + B then you type in -1 (negative one) in WRITE MODE

I did all this with with no success.I performed this exercise for almost 10 minutes trying to delete this unwanted bar.
Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.10.46 PM.png
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is there something in ENGRAVE mode that could help solve this issue? I definitely had this working on other scores and it was really cool, but for some reason it won’t budge with this very last bar of the score.

Thank you again, always appreciative!

There must be something in that final bar that is preventing it from being trimmed. Try making a block selection of the final bar, i.e. click in the top staff in a blank bit of the staff, then hold Shift and click in a blank bit of the bottom staff, then hit Delete. Then try Trim Flow again.


As an alternative way, could the user do a “Select All” from Edit Menu or a (cmd-A) and then “Trim Flow”?

Select All really wouldn’t be necessary to use/enhance Trim Flow.

To the original question: as a next step, visit View/Signposts and turn them all on. The vast majority of “bars that wouldn’t die” in my work are caused by a system break still present, a time signature that doesn’t exist, etc.

Also, if you have any text objects in b. 40, make sure they are not inadvertently assigned to the barline or anywhere else in 41.


The reason I asked Daniel about “Select All” is because it is an easier and fail-safe way. I wanted clarification if “Select All” would also select the invisible items so that they could be deleted. You are right, though, about select all not being necessary to do a simple trim flow operation which does not have possible hidden items lurking about. :slight_smile:

Thank you every one!!

I tried ALL of your suggestions and still this persistent bar is present… I have all signposts on and nothing is appearing on bar 41 to my understanding… SEE png
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.35.03 AM.png
Might there be ANY other explanation for this stubborn bar? I am happy to keep at this until I get to the bottom of it!

Thank you!!

What happens if you insert a bar before the stubborn one and then do trim flow…?

Try adding 2 bars with Shift+B “+2” and then deleting 3 bars with Shift+B “-3”. It worked for me when I recently had the same issue.

Amanda, either attach the project here or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out.

Thank you everyone!!

OK, so I tried ALL these great ideas and still that bar persists!

As much as I don’t like to take up your precious time Daniel, I am most grateful for your input so I will email you the file immediately as I am on a deadline - due this Sunday. In the name of being a devoted Dorico follower, I will take up up on your very helpful offer!

Sending the file now.

Thank you!

Once Daniel susses it out, it would be good to know what was the problem.

I think (after selecting) hitting the delete key might have solved it.

The problem turned out to be a stray crescendo hairpin, which had an unexpectedly long duration, but it was difficult to tell because Dorico was helpfully truncating the drawing of the hairpin with an immediate dynamic that was following it. If you have e.g. a hairpin lasting for four beats but you insert (say) an ff marking after three beats, then Dorico will truncate the hairpin at the point at which the ff is displayed, but if you delete the ff marking, you’ll see that the hairpin retains its real length. Trim Flow won’t edit any existing items in the music, so it’s unable to shorten the score if there’s a hairpin protruding into the last bar – even if you can’t see that it is.

Shouldn’t the Shift-B popover be able to delete it anyway? Even though there’s something in it?

That’s a tricky one: should it delete the hairpin altogether when it deletes the bar?

I would say it should shorten it…

Well, it does delete notes in the bars deleted, so why not hairpins? Of course, the best result would be to shorten the already existing hairpin so that the bar is deleted without changing content of previous bars. I understand this might be difficult to write algorithms for in any thinkable situation. But I understand even more the frustration of not being able to delete a bar when one wants to. I think I’d prefer the option to delete the bar, no matter what goes with it (ideally with a warning that you are about to delete content) - after all, you can easily recreate a hairpin after a short pause wondering where it went, but not being able to get rid of the bar might stop your workflow completely.

Thank you very much Daniel for taking the trouble to help resolve the “unwanted” bar issue.

I greatly appreciated your assistance!