Deleting Activation Manager deletes activations?

Activation Manager would not allow me to log in. I was trying to activate a demo of Nuendo on my Macbook, already have it on my Studio mac. Activation Manager kept hanging.
Tried to update with downloaded latest version in case it was out of date. Couldn’t install, app just hung, Couldn’t even force quit. Had to re-start but same problem trying to install. Deleted App and re-installation worked, but my activations for C12 and Dorico 4 were gone. Re-activated and now my account at Steinberg shows 3 activations instead of 2 (studio and macbook). Surely when logging in the activations should be recognised? And surely the app itself is not holding all the information?
Have raised a ticket but has this happened to anyone else?

So two weeks since support ticket and no response…

Dr_Scardo - I have a similar problem. I have a Mac on which I have installed Cubase 12, Dorico 4 and Nuendo 12 (it’s a long story). A while ago I upgraded all three products from their previous versions and all worked with the transition from USB to Steinberg licencer.

I launched the Steinberg Activation Manager (v. by mistake (clicking on it in the Dock) and a message came up about deactivating offline licences. I was a bit confused by this message as my Mac is always connected to the internet - so I said “OK” you can deactivate offline licences. All three of my products then turned to deactivated. So I clicked on Activate for Cubase, Dorico and Nuendo and they did activate.

But looking on MySteinberg - the licencing page shows that Cubase, Nuendo and Dorico are activated on 2 computers - which isn’t correct - as I’ve only ever activated them on one Mac.

I raised a ticket nearly two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything either. The ticket still shows as “open”.

They normally reply after about a month with an unhelpful answer. I was all for doing away with the dongle but this is getting quite worrying considering how many similar posts pop up in the forum.