Deleting and moving the playhead between markers


This may seem obvious, but I can’t figure out how to delete markers from the marker track in play mode.
Can someone tell me how?
Also, when I try to move the play head from one to the next, Opt-P (mac) takes me to the last one. Is there a way to iterate through them?

Unfortunately at the moment markers can’t be deleted in Play mode. You’ll need to delete them either from the Markers section of the Video panel in Write mode, or by selecting them directly in the score and deleting them.

Can’t you assign hotkeys (KC) to navigate/jump easily between markers?

Thanks Sagi. Mine looks a little different. I wonder if I am missing one?

This is the Dorico forum. That’s either a Nuendo or a Cubase key commands dialog.

It’s Dorico Elements 3.5 with the dark color scheme. I don’t even own that other stuff. …unless you are responding to Sagi?

Yep, my reply was to @Sagi.

Ahhh I thought Dorico has the same basic transport actions as the other Steinberg products, doesn’t it?

Nope. Completely different codebase (or nearly!).

Ahhh wow, so surprising. Well, in that case sorry for the distraction.