Deleting articulation deletes note - solution

I don’t know if this is widely known, but the solution to the problem of the MIDI note being deleted when you delete its articulation is to use the pencil tool rather than the eraser tool to delete the articulation.

The documentation gives a roundabout way of doing this by suggesting you go to the articulations menu to deselect the articulation:

If you delete an attribute by selecting it and pressing Delete or Backspace, the note is deleted as well. If this is not what you want, deselect the articulation in the Articulations field in the info line instead.

This is only true for Attribute Articulations which get “attached” to a single note. This means if you move the note the articulation will follow it. Delete gets rid of both the note and the articulation. Basically if you go to add the articulation a 2nd time to the same note it will remove the articulation.

But Direction Articulations which are stand alone events behave as you’d expect since they are not directly linked to any notes. You can just select & delete these.