Deleting automation with parts

ok, probably being a dummy, but when i delete a part, i really want to delete all the automation that goes with that part at that section. Why does it remain and why do i have to clear it all up? It’s really messy. Is there a setting; delete automation when delete part?




Does enabling of Automation Follows Events help?

Hi…thanks! Uhm doesn’t delete the automation…just enables you to move it with the events…

I mean, why would i ever, as default, want automation there from a deleted part?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I just tested it. You are right… Then I’m afraid there is no way.

It makes sense to keep the automation. You can just exchange the recorded signal, but keep the automation.

With audio yes, but with midi parts its really time consuming. Anyhow, onwards and thanks for your input.