Deleting bars at the end of flow does not work

I am trying to delete bars at the end of the flow. I have tried to use the bars pop over and typed in trim and - 21, but both did not change anything. Even after updating to Dorico 4.3.20 it didn´t work.

When this happens, it’s mostly because some invisible element is stretching into the otherwise empty bars, like a gradual dynamic or a lyric.

Thank you @PjotrB ! I now managed to delete the bars. But instead of them all being deleted, I only could delete them step by step, or in bulges, like 10, and then 1 by 1. There could not have been anything reaching into the empty bars - nothing had been written. A bit puzzling, innit? :thinking:

If something odd is happening in one particular project, the simplest route to a definitive answer is to share that project, or at least a duplicate, cut-down version that still has enough material in it to demonstrate the problem.

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Thanks, @Lillie_Harris , I will think of it next time :wink: