Deleting bars the easy way

Is there an easy way to delete one bar? Any way to simply select and delete? Seems like such a basic function.

Dorico is super powerful, but why is every wheel reinvented when standard conventions could be used like “select and [do something]”

I find the options windows to be … less than easy to use.

Sure it’s new, but UI needs to be just as focused on as under the hood power. I look forward to Dorico being more intuitive to use as it matures.

While not a point-and-click way of deleting a bar, it is in fact still fairly easy to delete bars (IMHO).

Select a note at the start of the bar you want to delete, press Shift+B (which opens the “Bars and Barlines” input box), simply type “-1”, and hit Enter.

If you want to delete empty bars at the end of your flow, there’s a handy “Trim Flow” in the “Write” menu.

We do have plans for an extra bit of UI that would appear above the top staff in the system and allow you to do operations like deleting and inserting bars, and selecting all the music across all the staves, quickly and efficiently. It’s just a matter of time and priority to build everything that is in our plans. Software is always an imperfect expression of the vision of its creators, because if we waited to release the software before everything we planned to implement was in there, you would never get to use it…

I have to agree with the OP…it’s always best to start with standard practices. The idea of pressing “shift-b” and typing “-1” to remove a bar is not intuitive and complicates things. What’s wrong with shift-selecting however many bars you want to delete, and hitting ctrl-del or shift-del? Or even right-click+“remove bar(s)”. That’s much closer to standard practice in computer use, and I think the change from more standard keystrokes to having to stop and think “ok…minus 3, that should do it…press minus, press 3” is unnecessary. And what if it’s a larger number, like 17 or 26? Now we have to count them?

This is an old thread. We now use the System Track for quickly deleting bars (and it’s used for other purposes also).

Hello all, I’m newbie. I’ve used Sibelius for 8 years, and Finale for 8 years before that. I took the Dorico plunge and am spending the next couple months getting familiar. What is the system track? I tried searching, but nothing came up.


Welcome to Dorico and the forums.

Try this link

Coming from Sibelius myself, I found watching these you tub videos extremely helpful.

Good luck and enjoy!

Thank you so much, James! I’m digging into these as we speak!

How would you delete a bar from a single track without effecting the other tracks?

I’ve never needed to try this before, but I’ve just tried and it certainly works:
Select a note/rest at the start of the bar, in the staff you want to delete from. Type Shift+B then type -1 Alt+Enter. Alt is crucial here.

Please, YouTube links are not documentation, especially as I can’t view them while I have got Dorico open (yes, I have gone through the YouTube video (AAARGH! - a YouTube video on what to do if YouTube won’t work? What were they thinking?) on how to make it work; it still doesn’t.)

Please, could someone tell me how to delete multiple bars without having to manually count them?

The reason you can’t watch YouTube while Dorico is open is because you need to change your settings. I believe it’s Preferences–Play–Audio Device–Settings–uncheck the box to allow “exclusive control.”

Are you not using the system track? It allows you to select a range of bars and delete them.

If your system track is hidden, display it via Alt-T. Click on the first “bar” in the track, then Shift-click on the last “bar” that you want to delete. Then click the trash can icon.

I’ve been around that loop. Dorico’s Low Latency ASIO Driver doesn’t work on my computer, so, at Steinberg’s suggestion, I am using ASIO4ALL, which doesn’t have the option to turn off exclusive control. So there doesn’t seem to be any route for me to watch the videos while Dorico is open. (I really really dislike videos instead of documentation anyway - I don’t want to watch a ten-minute video when I could have found what I wanted skimming through text in ten seconds.)

Edit: I’ve found the system track now - it was scrolled off the top of the screen when I was working on music almost twenty systems down in the score!