Deleting CC events if previous and next are the same value? (Logical Editor)

Hi folks,

I’m using the MIDI logical editor to convert some controller (sustain) data into a square wave.

Because the electric piano i’m using to record MIDI with is giving me values all the way between 0 & 127, but i just want it to be on or off, nothing in between (see the pic below for my LE setup).

My question is: because (after i apply the LE) i’m getting many consecutive CC event values of 0 (see second pic below), is there any way i can instruct the LE to delete a CC event, if the previous and next event values are the same?


I don’t think this is possible because there isn’t a Logical Editor capability to do the comparison.

Maybe the Thin Out function works?
MIDI → Functions → Thin Out Data
If it does, you can combine the LE preset and the Thin Out function as a macro.

I suffered years with this on my Studio Logic VMK 188+ I think its a bug Studio Logic never fixed. To take cc64 and make it just on or off and delete all junk in between…

Here are 2 LEs I use to delete all points except 0 and 127, on and off. Make these LE’s then chain them in a macro.

First select them

Then delete them

Why not use the Input Transformer for this to avoid the mess to begin with?

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Would the Input Transformer be set up so when you start a new project or open any current/old project then use your keyboard controller it automatically work? Or would you have to set it up each time or apply it to a particular track?

I just record, then in the Key Editor, use the macro.

If it’s part of a template – or an easy to load track preset.

Thanks man, that does the job!