deleting CC7 / behavior

See pics

pre: Using the pencil I entered the cc7 value node. ( straight line)

post: I delete the node & this erratic line appears . I can’t delete/ erase it.
-use the pencil again I get the single node & straight line. Try to erase & again the erratic line is back.

Select region+delete, eraser etc. doesn’t do anything.
Must be a setting I’ve never used before, any clues would be appreciated.


I tried the split tool over the erratic line & it erased it.
Now my question is why? What does the split tool do in this case?

The blue line looks like you also have some CC#7 automation on the MIDI Fader for that track in the Project window. Is that intentional? (doesn’t explain its random curve though :confused: )

Nothing was intentional! I don’t know what caused it. I must’ve hit midi write automation accidentally I guess.
I just wanted to delete that random automation & the only thing that worked was using the split tool. Not sure why.