Deleting chords on ONE voice only

I have chords over Soprano and Tenor voices. I want to delete just the chords over the Tenor voice, but D wants to delete all the chords on that beat. Help?

In Setup mode, right click on the Tenor Player and select Chord Symbols > “hide for all instruments” (all the instruments in Tenor is what that means).

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Thanks @Derrek just a couple of queries…I’m so new to Dorico that I don’t know what Setup Mode is!

Also, I’m writing a chart with solo sections for an instrument and I want the chords to be visible for that instrument only on the solo section, but the other instruments (piano and bass) will need the chord symbols throughout. Do you know how to make the chord symbols disappear in certain bars for certain instruments?

Thanks for any help you can give.

@derrek I know what Setup Mode is now, after watching a quick video, and I’ve hidden the chord symbols for the non-rhythm section instruments which is a start, but I still need them on the solo section for the soloist.

Do you know how I can achieve this?

Right click the Tenor player in Setup mode > Chord Symbols > Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions:

That way, if the solo section contains a slash region, chord symbols will show automatically for the Tenor. If you’re not using a slash region there, just select the tenor bars where you want chord symbols (in Write mode), and go Write (menu) > Create Chord Symbol Region.

Thanks Leo. I’ll do that on the soloist part.
Your help is much appreciated.