deleting cubase preferences mac

ive been having a few issues with a plugin (slate vcc) they’ve told me to delete the cubase preferences folder, now the guy who emailed me said he didn’t use cubase and couldn’t be sure wich one to delete, can somebody confirm that i can delete the preferences folder and if so where is it located as i believe that there’s 2 of them. thankyou

Hi micronic,

Yes, it is possible to delete them on a mac as well. It is on:
Harddrive:\Users<your username>\Library\Preferences\Cubase 6

excellent thankyou.


You also have the opportunity to do a quick safety copy of your Prefs before trashing them. After you navigate to the Preferences folder, you can rightclick on the Cubase 6 folder and choose: “Compress Cubase 6”. This will put an archived copy of the current Prefs into the folder that you can uncompress at a later time to restore some or all of the elements of the previously trashed Prefs.

Very handy as you learn what specifics in the Prefs folder may or may not be involved with a specific problem.
And…if it turns out that trashing the prefs didn’t solve your problem, you’re a few clicks away from restoring the originals.