Deleting Cubasis Projects [SOLVED]


I cannot find or work out how to delete a project. I have deleted tracks from the projects I do not want (one by one - boring). I have trawled this forum, the Net and Cubasis help.
I apologise if the answer is obvious or listed here somewhere.

Thanks CS


in order to delete a project, please close the one you wish to erase by creating a new one under the MEDIA section.

Now you can select the one to erase and tap on the trash/delete button to your left. That will move the project to the trash folder. Now open the trash folder and any projects you want to delete will be visible in the list.

Hold the trash/delete button until you see the “Empty the trash” pop up.

Please also have a look at our Cubasis user guide:


Thank you . . . so simple. My brain must have disengaged (more than once) :wink:

You are welcome… :sunglasses: