Deleting Ex Map Doesn't Remove It From List Until List Closed And Re-opened

Running into something that may (or may not) be a bug, but when I delete an Ex Map from the list in the Ex Map dialogue nothing appears to happen. But if I press “OK” then close and re-open the dialogue the item does in fact no longer appears in the list.

I could be mistaken, but I thought it used to be that any deletion would immediately remove the map from the list…

I’ve tried to reproduce this, but I’ve been unable to. Could you attach a project that will allow me to reproduce this problem?

I should clarify that am referring to to Ex Map switch entries but the list of available Ex Maps on the left of the dialogue.

project attached:

Spreadbury - D5.1 VEP7 Re-Setup no cust instr - 2023 12 31.dorico (1.7 MB)

I should add that I have been working with some custom Ex Maps added since the release of 5.1. Before uploading just now I found I WAS able to “immediately” delete previous custom Ex Maps without closing and re-opening the dialogue. But just now when I tried to delete one of my new maps it exhibiting the behavior I am now reporting.

My former maps start with dot-space (". ") prefixed to my map name. My new ones simply start with the name in all lower case. Try any of my dotted ones and they should delete normally. Try for example “Heck z” and see if you, like me, only see it removed from the list after closing and re-opening the dialogue.

Again, this is hardly a show-stopper

I open your file and can delete expression maps. They immediately disappear. Both for .prefix maps and others.

Okay, thanks. Must be some local issue here. It’s by no means an important problem.

I’m afraid even with your example project, I’m unable to reproduce this as well. I’m able to delete e.g. the Heck z expression map with no problems.

Got it. Sorry to trouble you with what turned out to be a local problem.

I’m sure it’s not just a local problem, but at the moment I’m unsure how to reproduce it. Perhaps you also have to make some other edits in the expression map dialog before you try to delete one of those expression maps? If you get any closer to figuring out how to reproduce it, do let me know as I’d certainly be happy to try and fix it if possible.

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