Deleting files in trash in media pool?

I just notice when I empty trash(delete audio files) there still on my HD. They just say zero bytes/mb

This might shed some light on the subject…

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Little confuse forgive me. If I chose to erase audio files from Hd in media pool (trash) shouldn’t they erase automatically from my Hd. That’s just creates a mess of audio files I don’t need laying around

Well, the reason I attached the link was to show you that there is some confusion on how to actually delete the files. Also, it seems like the different computer OS might treat the “deleted” files differently. I just did a full computer search for all .wav files on my computer (took 20 minutes to do). I have no files on my computer that I deleted from the “pool trash”. Only a few that list 0KB but they are not related to my Cubase activities. However, I am running Cubase on a Windows 7 PC and you are on a Mac. Maybe that is the difference? I don’t know but, for me, deleting the audio .wav files from each projects “pool”, from the “pool trash”, deletes them from my PC. 100%.

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I often have times when Cubase seems to lock a file so I can’t rename it. This happens when I’ve auditioned the file with the speaker tool, although I’ve never really chased this oddity down and raised it as a potential bug. Anyway, I’m mentioning this because it may be what’s stopping your files from being deleted from the HD… My workaround for not being able to rename the file is to shut Cubase, re-open the project and then I can rename it OK, so perhaps this’ll help for you too.