Deleting flows and other problems

How can I delete a flow?
How can I get rid of Full score label in a piano piece?
How can I change player label to just Piano instead of Piano 1 which is redundant.


Have you watched the (great) videos about Dorico on YouTube Dorico channel?
They are short and very well done.
You can delete a flow in Setup mode (cmd or ctrl+1). Select the flow by clicking on its rectangle in the bottom panel and hit delete.
I do not understand your second question, but still in Setup mode, notice that the right panel lists the different layouts existing for your score (and you can create as many of those as you want, in any combination of players…). You can easily get rid of the full score — although there is no interest in doing that… After all, you can select to work on any layout you want, print exactly the one you need…
You can change the piano label in Setup mode (yes…) : if you click on the player (left panel) there’s an arrow which leads access to a chevron that opens the player card. There, you can edit the name (and shortname) that will appear on your score.

Hope it helps!

I’ll try those suggestions, but just to clarify the second question, in the left hand margin it actually says “Full score”. I’ve tried to delete it in engrave mode but I can’t get rid of it.

That is something you can change in Setup mode (again !!!), if you change the name of the layout, (those in the right panel) it will show the new name you gave it to. Or, in engrave mode, enable the frame mode and delete whatever {@LayoutName@} token there is in that text frame ! :wink:

Thanks Marc, mostly have it straightened out, but I still can’t get rid of the first staff label “Piano 1” when all I want is “Piano”. This really shouldn’t be difficult.

Do you have more than one piano (hence the ‘1’)?
Anyway, in Setup mode, expand the piano player (little > arrow) and then do the same for the “Piano >” that appears under it - the > arrow there lets you Edit the name so you can change the singular full and short name and the plural full and short name.

Thanks John, I did have 2 pianos and I don’t know how that happened so problem solved.