Deleting folders after upgrading?

I am happy to have upgraded to Dorico 4 from Dorico 3.5 on MacOSx.
My question is: upon upgrading, I have 3 new folders in my download folder on my mac: Content Dorico Pro 4 (recommended), which is about 10gb, and Halion Sonic SE, which has a disk image which I didn’t extract. As I want to delete Dorico 3.5 and use 4 exclusively, which folders can I delete? I assume I don’t need the Halion files as they are identical to the ones included for 3.5 (right?), but what should I do with the 10gb folder? And, is it safe to simply delete the Dorico 3.5 application?
Thank you for helping me out!

SDA does two things in relation to your Downloads directory:

  • it downloads the files you need, and temporarily stores them there
  • it installs them from there to the correct locations on your hard disk

Once you are sure that the installation of Dorico, HSSE and the sound files has been successful, then you can delete all the files in your ~/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX directory.

As an aside, there is one vstsound file that has changed between v3.5 and v4 and that is for the Olympus Choir patch. If you download the content from the Dorico Pro 4 Update category then it will contain only that one changed patch:


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