Deleting instrument presets (and managing them)

Howdy guys.

How do I delete, rename, copy presets from this list? Thank you. (see the attached pic)

Not sure why you would want to delete a preset but, you could bring up whatever preset you want in that left side menu then hit that diamond looking button to the right of it and then hit whatever option you want. Like… delete or rename or resave (can’t remember the exact options available as I am not at my DAW at the moment).

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Sorry, but I can’t see any option like delete, rename etc. (see picture)

Btw. why I’d like to delete a preset? I made better one, no need for the old one. Too many, or redundant presets. Bad names, better numbering etc etc etc.

Sorry but you are right. I thought options were there but they are not? Must be in lala land. :blush:

If it is worth your effort, take a look at the locations listed in the link. You probably can delete from there. Although I’d make a copy of the file before deleting anything.

Also… there are manuals available for the Steinberg plugins included with Cubase. Presets are mentioned but I don’t see anything about deleting. I quickly looked at one so you might want to check those manuals more thoroughly

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Thx “PRock”
but of course, I can delete it from these folders. I know that option. But I hoped for better solution in management of presets. So advanced software like cubase pro 10 or nuendo10 should have such a basic thing as a preset manager … and it is not there :open_mouth: :open_mouth: I am shocked.

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You can do that in MediaBay (F5)

You can delete presets from the media bay.

User Content - Track Presets or User content - VST3 presets


nice… but I have trilions of plugins and instruments and bambilionzillions of presets. To go thru this hell of filtering to find my only preset is just horrible. It will be really handy, that I can do that just next to the plugin (instrument) preset browser.

But thank you so much for your suggestion!!!

:question: It’s a simple matter of typing a few letters of the name of your preset.

I share your frustration. I want to delete all factory presets but it seems impossible.

That’s a completely different question. You can find the file paths in the Steinberg Library Manager

… I just wanna manage my presets under one plugin/ instrument. Now I know, it is not possible in easy way.

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I know it’s an older thread but for what it’s still worth: You can delete or rename your presets in the save menu. Right click on the preset in there. Hope this helps everyone with the same problem. It’s counter intuitive but well, at least you can do it. :laughing: