Deleting just PAN automation?


so dumb question of the day here. I am on 9.5.10 and I love cubase! I was mixing last night and on a track in W i wanted to try a pan automation, which I did, but when I didn’t like it I realized that i DID NOT know how to just delete the pan auto lol.

When I right click i see remove all, or remove volume etc

is there an easy way to delete certain types of automation without nuking all?


select all the automation points on the pan automation track and delete them

right, doh! I just saw the volume automation track and didnt see a pan one. I have never done pan auto before so didnt realize there was a track!

thanks so much!

Another way (instead of selecting/deleting points) is to delete the entire automation track. Works the same as deleting any other track (select, Ctrl + Delete).