Deleting just the tie

How do I delete the tie joining two notes without deleting anything else?

_/ Louis

Louis, you can untie by pressing the U key (U for Untie)

Use the arrow keys to position the caret where you want to split the tie.

Thanks k_b and Derek for teaching me something new.

I untied the notes, but the tie is still there (attached to only one note though – better). To get rid of the tie, I re-input the note to which the tie is attached. Is there a direct way to delete a tie?

Anyway, U for Untie followed by re-inputting the note is an adequate procedure for removing the tie – much better than the destructive way of my deleting notes and re-inputting notes.

_/ Louis

Hi Louis
If the tie is only attached to one note, it is a l.v. tie (laissez vibrer)
You can remove it easily unchecking the l.v. tie option in the properties panel (cmd-8, the panel at the bottom of the screen)

Hi Marc,

Thank you for telling me about l.v. tie. This and the keyboard U provide me a full solution.

_/ Louis

I’m curious as to why you even see the tie after the U command (which stands for cut btw). How did you create the original tie? If you write two adjacent notes with the same pitch, then press T, assuming the beat grouping keeps them separate, the resulting note will display with a tie. If you press U on that selected note, the tie should just disappear.

Hi Stefan,

I imported a MusicXML file that had some bizarre ties that jumped over several intervening notes. See the attached image. The markings look like slurs, but they are ties. When I use the U command, I end up with a laissez-vibrer.

_/ Louis
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 17.44.48 .png


To get rid of the laissez-vibrer tie un-tick it in properties.

I also get random LV ties with XML imports. Annoying but easily fixed.

I too am getting these random LV ties; can’t see any pattern when it does or doesn’t happen. ±17 times in a 240-bar XML import from Sibelius.