Deleting Master Tracks

I have looked through the databases and cannot find my answer. Normally I don’t have issues with CB 8 but this one is baffling me. I have 2 master tracks call drm master and congas master. The recording was made on an earlier version of CB. As far as I can tell there is nothing on them but I am unable to delete them. There is a speaker icon showing next to them as opposed to the normal ones for the other tracks. Any help will be appreciated. Thx!

Could they be input/output channels set up in VST connections?

What do you mean by Master tracks exactly…why call them that rather than audio tracks or just tracks??

Thank you for your response. I looked in the VST connections and they aren’t showing. As far as naming them, I didn’t. They are named that by default. I have no idea why they are there or how they got there. I use toontrack virtual drums and that appears to be what they are. I can map toontrack to them and they pick up the signal but don’t record anything and as far as I can tell don’t do anything. As I mentioned the recording was likely made on CB 6 or 7 don’t remember. I have been using Cubase since version 5. All other recording made on earlier versions, transitioned Ok except for this one. I am using the latest version of CB 8, I think it is 8.05.

A screencap of the track list and open inspector with one of these selected would probably reveal the problem pretty quickly.

I use toontrack virtual drums and that appears to be what they are

It’s not at all clear what you mean…why do they appear to be toontrack virtual drums? What type of track are they…midi, instrument, audio, other?? What do you mean by you can map toontrack to them and they pick up the signal…what signal???

Hm, just as a guess - shot into the dark: “rewire”?


Here is a screen shot. What I meant by mapping is that I can get a signal from toontrack to play through these channels. I cannot record anything to these channels and I did not name them. Note the speaker icon on the left side. The other tracks have the normal icons or what I am calling normal icons from when a new track is added (midi, Instrument, etc.) I am a songwriter not a software engineer. I am not seeing anything in the manual regarding this type of track. I just want to clean up the real estate. Thanks for your help.
Cubase Screen Shot.png

They look like automation tracks associated with a VST instrument. Can you post a screenshot of your Instrument Rack?

…and I agree with xenteq, they’re outputs from a VST, probably Toontracks since this is what you say can send a signal to them. Somewhere in Toontracks (not familiar with it so I don’t know where) there will be an option to select (and probably re-name) its outputs, I expect you’ll find these two names there.

I have identically iconned(!?) tracks associated with Groove Agent’s outputs. They can be used for writing in or editing automation data.

You have a(n) RACK instrument(s) loaded in the VST instrument rack. Unload the instrument(s) and these tracks will disappear from your project.

Adam cinched it. They were in the instrument rack. I don’t use that feature but did look in there. The reason(s) I never caught it was

  1. Everything in there was either Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer and 1 Halion.
  2. The name of the track I was trying to get rid of wasn’t in there by name. All that was showing was the software brand name, e.g. Superior drummer, Halion, etc. If not careful you could run the risk of deleting
  3. The track number was different than it was in the instrument rack so it didn’t click for me. It would be nice if the corresponding instrument in the rack would highlight the same as when the track is highlighted.

As it turned out there were several instruments that weren’t being used. This may have happened because the tune was created in an older version of Cubase. Anyway, now I will know what to do in the future.

Thank you everyone for your help. It was VERY much appreciated.
Have a great Cubase day.