Deleting MIDI events which are outside of their part

Hi there,

Is there any way to delete the MIDI events of a part when the events are outside the range of the part without doing so manually?
In the above I’ve recorded the events and resized the part. which results in only the four events being sounded. Is there any way to function to delete the grey events?

Context of larger problem: I have a melody made up of several parts, which have been resized at various points. I want to use the line tool to increase the velocity across the part, which I can’t do as they’re in several parts. When I glue the parts together or use Bounce MIDI, the greyed out events (which weren’t sounding previously) are being added into the new part, causing lots of unwanted notes to sound (see the image below - when the parts are glued all greyed events became active/coloured):

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


You really should learn the correct terminology first.
What you call„MIDI notes“ are probably MIDI events.
What you call „MIDI events“ are probably MIDI parts

Thanks for that, I honestly hadn’t realised and have been using them incorrectly for years. I’ve edited my above post, thanks!

You can do it with the Logical Editor, but it does require you either
a) setting a cycle range to the size of the part
b) setting the range manually in the Logical Editor

Type is Equal To Range
Postition is Outside Range (from bar to bar)

Target - empty
Function - Select (You can select delete, but its better to set it to select to check)

OK great, thank you for that - I’ll test it out and get back to you, much appreciated!

If instead of resizing the Parts you cut them instead you can avoid the issue in the first place.

Hi Raino - if you use the Range Selection tool to copy a section of a part then the newly created part will contain all the parent part’s events, so it’s not as simple as resizing vs cutting.