Deleting Mixing Console Channels

Is there a way to delete unused channels on the mixing console?

I suppose if you don’t want/need the channel in the mixer you don’t need the track in the project either… So just delete the unused track from the project.

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And you can hide different types and groups.

That’s a good point that I should have suggested too. :wink:

The OP can do that by clicking on the “set up windows layout” button (upper left on mix console) and click on the “channel selector” box. Show/hide channels can be done from there on the visibility tab.

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I’m still just getting started in Cubase, but deleting tracks is not really intuitive…

To remove selected tracks, select Project > Remove Selected Tracks or right-click the track that you want to remove, and from the context menu select Remove Selected Tracks.

To remove empty tracks, select Project > Remove Empty Tracks.

It could be one of those “language things”…a lot of folks think of “delete” in this context instead of “remove”…that also makes it difficult to find in the manual…