Deleting numbered endings individually

Hi all

I hope this hasn’t been covered elsewhere, but I only want 3 endings in my score, and it automatically created a 4th ending when I created a third. I must be doing this incorrectly, because the endings are “linked” now and I can’t delete ending number 4 (or even scale it to 1 or 0 opacity) without affecting/deleting all the other endings.

This can’t be right, I’m sure I am missing something in the creation of the endings…

Screenshot - So, I do not want the 4th ending at letter E but I can’t get rid of it…

You should find properties in the lower zone for how many endings there are, and then if you switch to Engrave mode (where you can select each ending individual endings) you’ll find more properties for how long each ending is, how many times it should be played etc.

If that doesn’t help, we’ll need to see the project itself rather than a screenshot.

oh, genius! “Number of endings” - bingo.

thank you,