Deleting page


I have a blank page that I want to remove from my score. It’s really confusing with all the overrides and stuff, can somebody please explain it? I tried to remove the override on the page, but it ends up looking like a mess…

Could you post the Dorico file, so we can help figuring out what is going on?

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This can be pretty tricky to fix if you have lots of overrides. How many pages do you have in your score and where in the score is your blank page? You might have to create multiple page custom page templates, apply them to the relevant pages, then delete the blank page and shift over the page templates. Dorico shifts music to adjacent pages if one is deleted at the start. You might want to lock the layout before you start. I recommend experimenting with a new Dorico project to discover exactly how Dorico works in this regard. It can take a bit of getting used too, but avoiding overrides and using page templates is the way to go.

I solved the problem by putting the blank page at the end of the score, and then removing the overrides. The engraving was a bit off at the other pages, but it was easy to fix…