Deleting parts of a track

Hi all,
When I select a section of a wave in the Sample Editor and press Delete, it takes about 5 to 8 seconds to delete the section. Why is that? I have a substantial gaming computer with 16 GB RAM. The only other thing running is the Cubase Operation Manual, which I use once in a while. I would have thought the deletion would have occurred instantly like everything else on my computer.



How many times is the Audio file used in the Project. How long is the file?

In the most (common) cases, I would also expect, it’s processed immediately.

Thanks for chiming in, Martin. My personal options are set so that I am notified about responses. It doesn’t seem to work, otherwise I would have responded earlier.

If I remember, the project was about 3 minutes long. Deleting parts from the Home window goes fast but not the Sample Editor window. On another note, I know about the very basic functions and MIDI, using Cubase 8. I have substantial MIDI recording experience on the old DOS driven, Voyetra software. There never seems to be any decent documentation that covers the basics in Cubase 8. The manual is written to an expert audience and hence, is useless to beginners. I noticed on your website, you do consulting. How much do you charge? Thanks…Lee