Deleting projects

How can I delete old projects so they won´t take up space?


You can delete it the same way, as other files in Finder or File Explorer, of course. I would recommend this, and I would recommend to delete the whole project wonder, which contains even the Audio sub-folder and all WAV files, which are much bigger than the project itself.

Thanks, but I don´t know what Finder or File Explorer is. Are those Mac-features? I´m on Windows 10. What does the term “whole project wonder” mean?


File Explorer is on Windows. Or how is to called, now. Just click to the “This Computer”, and follow the path.

Actually, you can right-click to the project in Cubase Hub, and select “Show in Explorer” (or “Reveal in Finder” on Mac). This will open the window, where the project is, for you.