Deleting repeat ending.

I have an 8 bar piano piece. I add a repeat to the end. Later on, I think actually I don’t want to repeat it. Hrmm, so maybe I’ll click on the normal double bar ending on the right…no,that didn’t work,it just deselected the repeat bar. Righto, select again…hit delete? That’s odd, it added an extra bar now to the end of my piece. I didn’t want that.

As an advocate for intuitive processes, I’ve documented my thoughts when trying to accomplish something seemingly simple. If this is how the app is designed, fine, I would suggest the extra bar is not added. If it’s added for technical reasons, or because I somehow selected it wrongly let me know. If a repeat can’t be changed into a normal double barline by clicking the double bar line, I would request this as a feature. If I am missing something simple, please let me know.

Cheers everyone.

Your post title makes it sound like you’re talking about repeat endings, i.e. 1st and 2nd time endings, but you’re actually talking about repeat barlines? Deleting a repeat barline at the end of the flow does end up creating an extra bar, which does indeed happen for boring technical reasons. I agree that this is unexpected and I’m sure that one of these days we’ll prevent it from happening.