Deleting rests/time from all parts in a score

Hi folks, in the example shown, I want to delete the quarter-note rest AND have the time of the whole piece move forward by one beat.

Rest delete|506x500

I know that in Insert mode, selecting that rest and hitting Backspace will delete it and move the rest of that track forward an equivalent amount. (So that the 2nd phrase starts on beat 1 of the bar instead of beat 2.) But how do I get the rest of the score to do exactly the same time movement?

It’s a long piece, and I need to do this sort of thing several times, so it will be tedious and easily result in errors if I have to address each part individually.

Dorico 3.5, Win.
Thanks for any hints!

Selecting the rest, pressing Shift-B, entering -1q (“remove one quarter note beat”), then pressing Return should work.


You could also select the passage of the quarter rest in the system track (in gray above the system) by holding alt and shift while clicking at the grid corresponding to the relevant passage and then clicking the trash can icon that appears after the modifier keys have been released.

Brilliant, Lillie, that’s what I needed!
And thanks @Frigolito, that method looks interesting too. :slight_smile:


@Lillie_Harris I’ll add this here, since I’ve been using the Shift-B function quite a lot in this project.

After using Shift-B to add or subtract whole bars, I noticed that after the action, I am taken to the last previous tempo change in the score. Many pages away from where I subtracted the bar. Forcing me to “find my place” again. This happened repeatedly, and was somewhat disconcerting.

Later in the project, I decided to delete all the tempo changes during the score (except the opening one), and the re-location behaviour stopped. After executing an add/subtract bar, the location of the view stayed right where it was.

I’m just reporting this as “odd behaviour”.