Deleting rests

I see that it’s easy enough to erase notes that have been input, but then that still leaves behind rests representing the durations of the notes that had just been deleted. How do you get rid of those rests? Is it possible to reset a flow just to its initial default quarter rest?

I do think that the rest feature – that is, having the rests in other parts show the accumulation of beats when working without barlines, is distracting to the point of irritation. Could you make it possible to turn off that feature? And I would love it if the double bar at the end of the system could be surpressed as well. Who sits down to compose on paper and immediately draws a doublebar at the end of the page before doing anything else?

Enable insert mode (key I or Ins), then delete those rests. Alternatively, use the Trim Flow command (Write menu).

As for the final barline, you can’t currently select it (we’ll be looking at that). However you can place the caret at the final position, then select a different Barline from the appropriate palette on the right hand side.

You can also change what the default barline at the end of the flow is in Write > Notation Options (though the option to show no barline at all unfortunately doesn’t currently work due to a bug, all of the other options for the default barline type at the end of the flow do work as expected).