Deleting samples from the media bay using iTunes?

Is anyone else having trouble opening the media bay folders using the viewer in iTunes?

Specifically, is it possible to ‘batch-delete’ audio files/midi files using the iTunes dialogue? When I try to expand folders by double clicking on them, via iTunes, they won’t open.

I understand the process of in app audio deletion will be made slightly less frustrating with the 1.2 update - although it seems ludicrous you have the ability to batch-drop & import samples via iTunes, but can only delete these one by one through the app.

You might be able to do it connecting with the wifi server. You turn on the wifi server on the setup screen of Cubasis then point a supported web browser to the wifi address. From there you can transfer files back and forth between pc and iPad and deleted file as well.


it is not possible to open the folders from iTunes. The only thing you can do from iTunes is copy a complete folder to your computer. This is not a limitation of Cubasis but of iTunes.

The WiFi-Server is in the app to overcome these limitations and to allow editing the folder structure of Cubasis. As Akamarko pointed out, I would recommend using the WiFi-Server (Open Audio/MIDI folder, select all files, tap delete).

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Thanks very much for the swift response guys.

I’ve never used the WiFi server functionality before - but was exactly what I needed.

I’d also like to say, kudos to the Steinberg team for crafting such a phenomenal app. Looking forward to the updates & additional functionality to come.