Deleting Songs in Set Lists - possible bug

Multiple existing setlists are getting truncated when I remove songs from a project to create a new shorter list.

I have created a project to use to store my songs for this year, 15 in total. I’ve saved this as a set list. When I want to create a smaller set from this list, I delete the songs not required and save as a new set list, e.g, Gig1.
To create another set for a different gig, I reload the full list, delete some different songs and save this as a new setlist named Gig2.
I have 5 or 6 different set lists now, with varying numbers of songs.

After saving the project, then reloading VST live another time, all looks ok when it loads up. However, as soon as I move to a shorter set list, songs start disappearing from all the set lists. If gig1 has 7 songs, next time I click on the full set list, it also has only 7 songs. The original 15 have been truncated.
I have to restore the project from my backups to get my songs back.

There is something more going on that simply truncating to the shortest list. I have tried testing this a few times to work out if I was doing something wrong. On one test I created a small list of 2 songs, one list with 11 songs and 3 lists with 15. After saving and reloading, I had some lists with 2 songs, some with 6 but none of the longer lists had more than 6.

I am running the latest v1.1.80. This behaviour has been there since v1.1.60 at least.

We are still looking into this, sorry it takes a while, will report back.

Thanks. Setlist needs a little love. I’ve seen you saying it will be reworked soon. Looking forward to this.

No need to apologise for lack of instant response. I appreciate seeing the hard work going into development. It’s great that feedback is getting listened to and you are making a real effort to communicate as you go. It’s not an easy job working with us users.

We are currently reworking the setlist editor from scratch and will of course check and eventually fix the problems you reported, thanks for that.

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hi ibarch,

We have entirely re-worked the setlist editor. Pls check again with todays’ new version 1.2, does the problem still exist? Thanks!

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Yes, the new setlist in v1.2 fixes the issue.
I really like this new set list. . It took all of about 30 seconds to for me to figure out the changes and how it all hangs together. It works exactly as I want for maintaining a central list of songs in a project and being able to create a new set list from this for each gig.
Great job.
And thanks for taking the time to come back to my original post and let me know you had released the new version.