Deleting Sound Libraries


I hope everybody is healthy!

I want to get some space on my HD so I’d like to know if its possible/good idea/nonsense, to delete e.g. the HALion library (Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content).
I’m using Noteperformer. And HALion needs more than 10GB … so, is it a good idea to delete or do I crack the system?

Thanks in advance for answers on this maybe silly question!


There’s no harm in deleting it if you’re using NP exclusively (me too).

And you can always install them again later on, should the need arise.


Ok, I tried to deinstall the libraries but Steinberg Library Manager doesn’t work.

»Steinberg Library Manager privileged helper has wrong version (-1.-1.).
Failed to establish privileged helper.
Please get the latest Steinberg Library Manager and reinstall.«

I have downloaded this SLM 5min ago … so it should be the latest version.
Whats wrong? Every Steinberg software is turned off …

Hm …


Steinberg Library Manager is an independent application, other Steinberg software/apps do not rely on it’s presence.
What is it exactly that you are facing? You reinstalled the Library Manager and it does not work?
What other apps are not working and with what error message?