deleting staffs of unused instruments + dynamic bug

Hello there,

I write a piece at the moment with 5 Instruments. There is a part where only one of these instruments plays. So i wanted to ask, if its possible to delete the unused Instrumentstaffs, so i dont waste so much paper.

There is also a dynamic bug i have very often: 4 Strings play 4 notes. they all play in pp with a crescendo, that goes to a p and then back to ppp after a few bars. But somehow when it reaches the p in the middle its getting insanely quiet. quieter than the pp at the start. So it gets louder, then suddenly super quiet ( i think to ppp, because it doesnt go any quieter, when it reaches the end of the diminuendo).

Thanks for your help! The seocnd one isnt really important in the end, but its a bit annoying.


For the first question: Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves.
Hopefully someone else can answer the second question quickly.

thank you very much, that worked pretty well and fast! <3

Max, if you can attach a snippet of your project that exhibits the dynamics problem, we’d be happy to take a look and see what might be up.