Deleting the background of tempo text


I know there is another thread concerning this topic, but I didn’t find an answer there if this will be implemented in the future:

I want to delete the background of a tempo text. I use ossia staves frequently to input cues when there’s no space in the main staff. I place every text object via the settings between ossia and main stave, so the player does not have to look all the way up but rather use the ossia staff as a small help.

unfortunately I can’t erase the background of a tempo text via the properties panel. A workaround would be to hide all tempo text and replace it with system text which I would format in the same style, but a simple “erase background” option for tempo text would be more convenient.


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Thanks for the feedback, Leo. This isn’t something that is currently planned, but I will make a note of it and we’ll try to implement it in a future version.

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As an alternative method, is there a way to pad the ossia lines connecting the staves instead so that it doesn’t run into the tempo text?