Deleting tuplets

Hi, if I have ex: two bars of 8-notes, with insert mode on, I can turn them into triplets. If I later delete just the triplets I get the 8-notes back. All good. Works fine with 5:4, 7:4 etc… but if I do ex: 2:3 or 3:4 I can’t get the original 8-notes back after deleting the tuplets. Is this expected behavior? I guess it’s more tricky that way.


There is a convention that tuplets (with ratio not specified) always stuff more notes into the space rather than fewer, with the sole exception of 2:3 in a beat of compound meter. I’m sure the Dorico Team went by this when coding. The popover doesn’t produce anything with just 2 or 4 entered, and 3 always produces 3:2 rather than 3:4. (I myself would rather read 7:8 because it’s so much closer to the original duration than 7:4, but 7:8 is viewed as non-standard.)

So, to clarify, when you’re in Insert Mode and you delete a “fewer” tuplet such as 3:4, you’re expecting Dorico not to leave a rest but to pull the subsequent entries back, just as when you delete a note, yes? This seems a sensible expectation to me. I wonder whether it is possible for them to change that at this point, and whether they would want to.

Yes Mark, that’s correct. That’s what I expected.