Deleting unwanted portions of samples in Halion 4.5?


I’ve come over to Halion from Emulator X and am enjoying the learning curve…

I’m making my first multisamples of my old Elka 610 - I’ve imported the samples without problem and created the loops. However, the loops are much shorter and nearer the sample start than I anticipated - I’m left with a few un-needed seconds of sample after the loop end point for each key, which of course makes the program much bigger than it needs to be.
How can I delete these portions without starting again? I have used Audacity as an external editor but that doesn’t seem to display Halion’s loop point so I’d be shortening the sample ‘in the dark’. In any event, as I understand it, you cannot externally edit - transfer back sample start / end times anyway?

What am I missing?

Apparently nothing. Great forum :laughing:

Hey bud…

I dont quite understand…

Are you looking for loop start/end?

( will check back after grammies)


Possibly: rightclick on name in the program section- export samples- (export options > trim samples) - rightclick name again- import/export - replace samples


Thanks for the reply. I’m looking to shorten the sample length, independent of the loop settings, once they’re imported into Halion. I’ll try what you suggest later - cheers.