Deleting Vestigial References to Old Sound Card?

Hey Guys –

I’ve changed my audio interfaces around recently – going from 2 Lynx AES-16e cards to just one. But when I open up some of my Cubase projects and look in the VST Connections window, references to the no-longer-used card remain. How can I clear these out?



You have two choices actually. You can reassign them to an audio device that exists or remove them. Then save the project.

I’ll second jaslan’s post. It has to be done on a project-by-project basis. It’s the same for any DAW.

Advice: when your input connections are properly set create a preset; when your output connections are properly set create a preset. Then at least each time you open an older project you can quickly reassign the I/O connections via the presets.

Thanks for the responses, guys – much appreciated.