deleting views (a simple question?)

HI there – I see that I can add a new view for my score by pressing Command - Shift - T on a Mac. That’s jolly good, but what if I want to get rid of this view? I don’t see an option for that… will it just exist on my score forever?


You can delete a new tab across the top of the score window.

Yes these are known as “tabs”, and there’s a strip above the music area but below where the mode buttons are that’s called the tab bar. Hovering over a tab in this bar shows an x - click the x to close the tab.

hmm, these views aren’t showing up as tabs for me, I only see them in the “window” menu, I see “Score Title” and beneath it “Score Title - 2”
I can’t seem to close one of them… I added it using Shift-Command-Tab … but I can’t undo or remove this extra view.

it doesn’t show up as a tab, though.


Ah yes, sorry I didn’t think to double-check the key command. Cmd-Shift-T opens a new project window for the current project. This can be useful to show the same project on 2 monitors, for example, as you can show your score in Write mode in one and Engrave mode in the other. You can close this like you’d close any application window - on Mac, the red circle in the top left, on Windows the (red) cross in the top right? As long as you still have one window open for the project, closing others shouldn’t have any effect.

Solved – thanks so much!