Delivery to UK

Hi there.
Anyone can tell how long it takes to delivery a boxed product in UK?
Just bought Groove Agent 4 from Steinberg website and wondered when I will have it.

Thank you

Hi L_A,

If it is being sent from within Europe then around 5 x working days.


This is the message I received today.
I bought the GA4 (boxed) over the weekend expecting receive it soon as possible but seem like steinberg don’t have it in stock. I don’t believe it.
They put such offers on (valentines) but don’t have enough to supply
Not very happy.
Btw I don’t want the downloaded version.

""Thank you for your order. Please be advised that due to strong demand, we are experiencing a backorder situation on the product you’ve ordered. We currently have no exact date of delivery for new products. But there is the possibility to cancel the existing box order and place a new order for the product as dowload version.

Please tell us if we should process with the cancellation or if we should keep the box order.

Thanks in advance. “”

Hi L_A,

Well last year Steinberg had a ‘Valentines Sale’ on. I purchased HALion Sonic, Grand 3 and HALion Orchestra VST’s. But they were all downloads (in fact EVERY single item in the sale was a download). Maybe this year they thought they would include BOXED versons (which I always purchase when at all possible).

Perhaps with having had quite a lot of bad press for GA4 as a whole, they (as you say) underestimated the sale of units this weekend.

At least you got a personal reply quite soon after!


I would be more than happy if I could have the activation code to activate trial version while I wait for the boxed version arrives.


Is it not possible to simply download the TRIAL for GA4? I thought it was readily available to all without the need for an activation code? I am pretty sure I just downloaded it without any drama?


I already used trial version.
I just spoke with technical assistance they they will send me a 25 hours license (continuous working) while I wait for the box.
So I will need to install the trial version again and activate it with the code steinberg will send to me.

Not bad. Thank you.


Well that will keep you going for now at least.

Ok, so I am assuming here that you uninstalled your first TRIAL version of GA4? I could do with a bit advice from you please on the best way to do this, if you don’t mind? I believe it takes up 4GB of HD space.



I removed it before through control panel. Straight forward.
Groove Agent 4 and uninstall. Also all its content.


Thanks L_A,

I will give it a look…


Hi L_A,

Please see screen-grab.

I can’t see GA4 anywhere so does that mean I must have already uninstalled at an earlier date please?