Delta 1010-Cubase-Win7-recording bus...

Hello Everyone!

I am using windows 7 and Cubase 6 on an athlon quadcore with 8 gig ram. I am using 2-1TB SATA Hard Drives. I have 3 delta 1010s hooked up with the proper SPDIF cable, and can mix on my 32 channel Yamaha board without crackles when listening / mixing.

I send what I want to record through sub-channels 1 and 2, and have the outputs from those sub-channels to two inputs into a delta 1010. 90% of the time the recording is crap, with static, crackles, etc. 1 try out of 10 turns out decent. I USUALLY use inputs on the delta 1010 getting the core clock timing.

Is there any other way to do this better? Am I doing something wrong?



Hi RhoneRanger -

Suggestion - check that ‘Multiple Card Sync’ is still checked in the M-Audio control panel.

I think the updated driver for windows 7 removed that from the control panel, unless I am mistaken (Maybe I don’t know where it is?). That is when this @()#*P$ started.

Try using the wordclock instead of S/PDIF ?

Try latest Delta Beta drivers (6.0.5 i believe) check the M-Audio Forum.They are supposed to address this issue.

"Bugs Fixed / Changes:

  • Addressed capture noise issue on Delta series devices.
  • Fixed installer Read Me file formatting
  • Installer Launcher now kills task bar applet prior to launching the MSI Installer which eliminates issues with quitting the applet before uninstalling or repairing
  • Updated the legacy uninstaller to correctly find and kill 64 bit versions of task bar applet"