Delta Control Panel Automation in Cubase 6.5?


I’m having this problem.
Every time i add a new audio channel in Cubase or change the audio output of any audio channel the channels 3-4 of the Delta control panel turns down…like some kind of automation (M-Audio Delta 10LT).

So i need to open the control panel every time to turn up the channels 3&4 (pretty annoying).

Any ideas?

Win 7 Ultimate 64 SP1
Cubase 6.5.2 64

Switch off direct monitoring (maybe?)

Yes that fixed the issue…but why does this happens?

Because with direct monitoring on the delta allows cubase to control the deltas mixer levels.

I see.
My problem was a mislabeled bus on Cubase (out 1-2 instead 3-4) ,but i´ve found that direct monitoring indeed fully control the Delta panel.
So creating and naming the correct buses matching the Delta channels was the solution or simply turn off the Direct Monitoring feature.