demands attention

I assume this may affect all products below the latest certified update.

What happens is you are in the tempo editor and disengage snap and then autoscroll turns on automatically.

Only happened once on fresh installation but reproducible nonetheless.

What do you mean?

Tested: Cubase 6.5.3: Could not reproduce.
Tested: Cubase Elements 6.0.7: Could not reproduce.

This happened to you once and then never again?

Also: What program are you running? I believe that a previous post of yours said Elements, but what update?

I mean anything other than 6.5.3 but maybe not Nuendo since it had a recent updated.

Elements 6.0.7 and it is also happening intermittently in other editors simply by starting the transport.

Can you provide a more detailed reproduction?
Maybe a step-by-step reproduction?
Some screenshots as well?

Hi Shinta

I will try since I cannot imagine being a satisfied customer otherwise so here goes.

Two scenarios, tempo editor snap change (snap on is default) to off produces autoscroll on with latching enabled.

Second scenario, intermittent turning on of autoscrolling, again with latching enabled regardless of editor type, drum, key

Re: first scenario, maybe this works after prefs have been deleted, otherwise the problem would be embedded in program code.


The auto latch button next to autoscroll.

Great idea for those who use MIDI extensively but it’s coming on with autoscrolling automatically, as a result of what I believe is an inherent bug that I’m hoping can be addressed in an update to 6.0.7 or maybe it is already in 6.5.3.

That button (*) next to autoscroll is not an auto latch button.
It’s function is to suspend autoscrolling when you’re editing (working in the main part of an editor).

The autoscroll button has three possible colors (depending on current state):

  1. Dark grey - off
  2. Light grey - on
  3. Orange - suspended

If the button is turning orange in either of your two scenarios, it’s not turning autoscoll on, it’s suspending it.
But autoscroll has to be on before that can happen.
Does the editor screen scroll when the cursor gets to the end of it?

I’m trying this in Elements 6.0.7 (fairly fresh install) and cannot reproduce either scenario.

That’s the problem, it may need a new function, to turn orange but not actually engage autoscrolling in the first instance because of some other change, in this case Snap.

Hi there,

provide a step by step guide please.

With this information I can only confirm, that there is no issue.



Hi Marcus,

I will certainly try but it may mean I need to re-install my OS.

I was hoping there would be an update but maybe it’s gone in 6.53.

All conjecture of course but it’s the best I can do for now.