Demo activation failed [solved]

Today on my MacBook Pro I tried to activate a Trial Version of Dorico.
I put in the code, it was accepted.
Then I had the choice to activate immediately (or later?).
My thought „wait, may be I should start this a day later“ (as I will be on the road from tomorrow on).
So I cancelled.
Now, if I try to open Dorico, I have to put in the code again.
Then I get a warnig „this code is already been used“ and I can not get any further…
Did I waste my trial code, or is there a procedure to reset the system?
Any help welcome…

Try running eLicenser Control Center, selecting the Dorico 1 Trial license, and choosing Actions > Start Usage Period.

Thank you Daniel,
it worked, I got it back running.
Now I can demonstrate Dorico’s qualities to my colleagues and do a little promotion :slight_smile:

The problem is not solved for me. With window 10 I have downloaded the files of each folders in order to try Dorico. Each download and corresponding installation was successfull, Dorico, including symphonic sounds, Halion… However, when I click on the Dorico Icon on my desk, I have a pop up asking me to introduce the activation code. As a matter of fact, I’ve got an activation code via my email for the trial, so I can copy it into the pop up concerned area. BUT : when I do that, I get a message that tolds (I translate from French) : “License not found. Click on ‘Introduce the activation code’ so you start the eLicenser control and you can introduce your activation code”. Ok, I do that. Then appears the message “Please, close the following application before activating your licence : eLicenser control”. So ok, I close the eLicenser control. And I click again on “Introduce your activation code”. And again I get the message “Please, close the following…”. Well, before I am going defenitely mad, please help me…

Oh, I have forgotten to precise : when I click on my eLicenser control (where among others figures Cubase, Vienna, etc) I cannot see Dorico. Only “Halion symphonic orchestra trial vst sound instrument set” appears. However, as I told in my former message, the installation process for Dorico was sucessfull (this was confirmed by a positive message at the end of the installation process).

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Claude. Do you see the Soft-eLicenser appear on the left-hand side in eLCC, as shown in the attached screenshot? It sounds as if perhaps you don’t have a suitable Soft-eLicenser available on your computer, in which case you need to follow these steps: