Demo/Home CD Burning - Best practice?

I have sent out some limited edition demo CDs of 15 tracks created using Cubase. These are simply burned from the album playlist using the bog standard music player in windows 8.1. There are proper gaps between the tracks and it all plays fine. I am not convinced that all the CD title/ artist info is applied as when I play the CD back in media player via the laptop CD drive the album title is blank etc. Is there a better way to home-burn small quantities and get all the track data on there? What software do other people use and is it free?
Thank you.

I use the Windows Media Player (WMP) all the time without issue to create playlists and burn CDs. I also use the last (free but unsupported) version of Winamp 5.666 (Build 3516) to edit the .mp3 metadata to be more concise than what Cubase allows you to input. In the WMP make sure that the options to apply the “Apply volume leveling across tracks” and “Burn CD without gaps” options are enabled.

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Thank you for the suggestion; i’ll give that a look.
It says it requires my windows Direct LX which is missing so I need to look in to that too! My CDs are .wav not MP3 so I need data that will stick to .wav or maybe the same metadata fields don’t apply to .wav. I’ll study it all and get back here if any problems.